Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Violin Making 8

What a week! I have made some progress on my violin, but some of you may have noticed that my website is down. Oops! In my attempt to change hosts things got totally screwed up. I hope to have everything back up and running by the end of this week. On top of that, yesterday, I sliced a bit of the tip of my index finger off trying to make adjustments to my jointer. Oooooops! So my luthier abilities are somewhat compensated right now. The violin making is still coming along though. I finished hollowing out the peg box on the scroll and the next step is to get the neck and fingerboard ready. I also finally finished all the ribs after receiving some extra pieces seeing as I cracked the last piece I had originally. Oh well, this is my first violin so I guess everything can't go according to plan. Lastly I joined the two back plates with great success! The joint is darn near perfect and after planing and scraping I am very happy with the results. My next steps on the body of the instrument are to get a washer that I can use to trace the outline on the top and back that will offset the rib profile by 2.5mm (I'll put up pictures of this to make it more clear). I need to make my linings and attach to the ribs. I got some wood clothes pins to accomplish the clamping of the ribs, I expect that will make nice pictures too!

 Hollowing the peg box
 Tracing the outline onto the top
The back plates joined, planed, and scraped

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